Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am currently working more than full time as a caregiver and I love what I do.  Presently I am caring for a sweet Italian couple.
As I sit with my little Italian couple I am amazed at the lessons God is teaching me.  Lessons about life, about love, about death, and about the human spirit. I first came to take care of her, and now three months later his 86-year old heart is failing him.  Even as his body is failing, he keeps going on.  He sings.  He sits with his wife of 60 years and they hold hands. 
His steps are slow now, but he still forces himself.  He speaks Italian with his wife and son, and English with me - with a heavy Italian accent.  I am learning a few Italian words.  I am singing his songs.  I watch him as he sits alone outside.  I know he knows he will be meeting Jesus soon.  That is one of our early conversations - about Jesus. 
I watch him kiss his wife goodnight - no longer do they get to sleep in the same bed.  She in a hospital bed, he in their bed, in the same room. I hear them sometimes speaking softly to each other.  Their love for each other is truly a testament of who they are, and whose they are.  They are God's. 
Their medical issues might get them down some days, but then they smile at each other and life is good, if only for a moment. 
As I am writing this it is a Sunday morning.  They no longer go to church - but we talk of faith. He says he is not afraid to die - he is going to heaven.  This day he asked me if I am going to church.  I tell him today is my day to spend with them.  As I watch them, I know I am in church.  God has truly filled me to the brim with love for this family.  I am truly on sacred ground.  I don't need to be in the building that houses my church today.  I am right where I am supposed to be.


  1. What a beautiful story. I read with anticipation for the marriage God has planned for me. <3

  2. What a sweet couple. Such an encouragement!